Senior Living Bootcamp Provides Week-Long Immersive Experience for Participants


Solinity™ announced the launch of a new division, Solinity™ Leadership, and names its first program: Senior Living Bootcamp. Senior living entrepreneur, Josh Crisp, founder and CEO of Solinity™ shares about the strategic growth in the family of companies with the leadership division being the next step in shaping the next generation’s experience living and working in the industry.


“The senior living industry is being redefined from what we have known it to be over the past 20 years,” Josh Crisp said. “As the demands for variations in products, services, and communities are changing, so is the workforce. Now, more than ever, we need to equip a new generation of leaders so that they will be able to lead teams and care for the aging population. As I have looked around the industry, there simply are not enough training programs that move people into the settings that they will be serving, among those they will be serving, and give them the in person real time experiences they need to better equip them for success.”


Solinity is proud to announce the very first program in this division, the Senior Living Bootcamp. The week-long immersive experience allows participants to live, work, and learn in a community environment which gives them real-time knowledge on how to relate, market and understand the industry. Crisp believes the best way to understand how to serve the industry is by experiencing it first hand, by living and working in a community.


“The idea of bootcamp was born as an internal opportunity for Solinity’s team members to fully understand the industry,” Crisp said. “We are having a lot of success attracting new talent to the industry, but with the lack of experience comes the challenge of getting new team members up to speed on who they are serving and better understanding the industry and its needs. I have had the opportunity to live and work in various types of communities throughout the country in my career and those have been the most meaningful and enlightening experiences that have shaped my career.”


Bootcamp participants will work within each department within a community for a short time while they also live and participate with the residents in all activities. This unique experience of living and working in a community will give a unique perspective that will help each person better serve their communities. Bootcamp was originally developed for Solinity’s internal needs and immediately determined it would be best to partner with as many other providers as possible and open the bootcamp program to the industry.

Solinity partnered with Remember Me Senior Care, a Cleveland, Tenn. assisted living and memory care community to host the first participant, Audrey Schoonover, who became the first graduate of the program.


There are three ways to get involved in this one-of-a-kind program: participate, sponsor a participant, or become a community partner.


For more information about Solinity Leadership, the Senior Living Bootcamp, or ways to get involved, visit